Body Pharm Authentication


Body Pharm has implemented an authentication system whereby every product has gone through vigorous quality control and is signed off by receiving the final authentication label.

This is a holographic label that cannot be copied or removed and has a unique encrypted QR code on each individual product that is linked to our database of every product produced by us.

In order to verify your product you can simply scratch off the “Scratch & Verify” protection film section of the label, scan it with your mobile device and your product will be checked and verified by us.

Please note that this process can only be repeated three times per product to prevent replication or unnecessary verification. 

Below are examples of what your verification label will look like:

In the event that your Body Pharm product does not have this Authentication label, your product is not legitimate and you could have a counterfeit product that was not sourced from reliable sources. Please Contact Us and notify us in the event of such occurrence.